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Little Pentagram 

Episode 159 – BUMBLEFOOT

 Little Pentagram
Episode 159 – BUMBLEFOOT

Some would say vocalists are important, some will claim the use of drums change the whole music style, and others would be interested in satanic, powerful, or other kind of lyrics… But it would be hard to argue with one thing – the holy stand of the GUITAR in metal and in general, the main impact of the Guitar player on the quality of the entire band.

This week we are honored to be joined by Mr. Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal – An experienced talented guitar player, and also a member in the current lineup of legendary GUNS N’ ROSES! Join us for a deep conversation with the man behind the music – discussing his hard times and unique abilities – while demonstrating his very impressive playing abilities.

» Play List «
01 – Bumblefoot
02 – Guitars Suck
03 – T-Jonez
04 – Go
05 – Salem – The Edge of the Void
06 – Real
07 – Guitars Still Suck
08 – Piranha
09 – Disengaged
10 – Guns N’ Roses – Chinese Democracy
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