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MET AL METAL [Dying For Metal] is the answer to everything you’ve been looking for – a program full of nothing and empty of all content, yet flooded with high-quality METAL music carefully selected by our best scientists. Started in 2007, the program reaches thousands of listeners in Israel and abroad through the air, the seas, and by recent reports – by land. The program is broadcast, edited, and only appreciated by the Peleg brothers – Israeli in heart, but African in loins.
MET AL METAL combines humor, information about our Israeli METAL scene and current events, original and hallucinatory interviews with local and international bands, and of course, good METAL music – from easy-listening to almost unbearable to hear, but always undeniably wonderful.

MET AL METAL airs every Saturday night at 23:00 on 106.2FM (IDC International Radio)
Of course you can always listen through our Official Website or our YouTube and iCast pages.
And now you can even take it everywhere through our official Android App!
He who does not listen, is deaf!

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Hosting & Production By: Lior and Niv Peleg